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Beste Spielothek in Cra digl Lai finden

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What damage had been done of old. Lord Scroop, " The power of Riclunondshire will rise. When from his Prince he did depart. And Irom his royal country peers.

Some thought to the king of Scots that he Did wish such sad untimely fate ; And some, to the Earl of Derby, With whom he had a great debate.

To Pomfret-castle did direct. Each house of fence to fortify. And bad htm call the borderers bold, And hold with him in readiness ; And get him word, with speech he could, If that the Scots meant his distress.

Then caused be iratch ia every atieet, And posts to run through downs and dales, So what was wrought, he knew of it, From Carlisle to the coast of Wales.

When flying Fame, that monstrous wight. Of great King Henry's enterprize And how he forced was into France, With all his peers in princely wise, To bring that land to complaisance.

England to over-run with rage, The Scots then meant, as was their guise. Still as the king was under age, Or occupied some otherwise.

And of bis council craved to know. If he bad better live in peace, Or fight against his brother-ia-law.

XXXV, " That realm we should soon over-run, " That England, when this age is past, " As to our elders they have done, " Should homage do to us at last.

Then stood there up a baron stout. The lusty Lord of Douglas' blood, " My liege," quoth he, " have you no doubt, " But mark my words, with mirdiful mood.

Then manfal MaKwell answered soon, " My liege, the league is. In England is not left his mate. The king rejoiced then to see His lords BO lively hearts to have j And to their words did soon agree, Complying to their pleasures brave.

To Lyon, King at Arms, he cried, And took to faim a letter broad, Quoth he, " no longer look thou bide, " But toward France soon take thy road.

Then Lyon made him reverence. And with his coat of arms him deckt. He haled up sail, and towards France, He did his way with speed direct.

Mbanwrile Uie 'King did letteis write. Which swiftest-post did nimblybear, To all his lords which had delight. With him in England arms o wear. Then every lord, and knight each where.

And barons bold in musters met ; Each man had haste, to mend his gear, And some their rusty pikes did whet.

Some made a mell of massy lead. Which iron all about dtd bind ; Some made strong helmets for the head, And some their grisly gisarings grind.

Some made their battle-axes bright ; Some JTom their bills did rub the rust ; Some made long pikes and lances light i Some pikeforks for to join and tlirust.

Some did a spear for weapon wieU ; Some did their lusty geidings try ; Some all with gold did gild their ahidd ; Some did with divers ookmn dye. Dame Ceres, did unserved remain.

The fertile fields did lie nntiUed ; Outrageous Mars so sore did reign. That Scotland was with fury filled. They spoiled and ravaged all abroad, And on each side, in, booties brought.

The cowser loons got geldings good, And droves of kine and cattle caught. Most stately halls and buildings gay, With sacrilegious hands they bum ; And this has always been their way, Whenever they could serve their tura.

Bnt happy Harwood-charcb on the hil! There Judge Gascoigne, once wisely grave. With other noble persons too, For valour famed, and piety ; Their monuments you now may view.

Most sweet and lovely to the eye. But to return, for I have digrest. The Scots thus having over-nm The bordering parts, and fiUed with prey, They thought to Scotland to return.

Two hundred men himself did lead. To him there came the borderers stout. And divers gentlemen with speed. Repaired to him with horse and foot.

They were not all a thousand men, But knowing where the Scots woold come, The borderers best their coBst did ken. And hid them in a field of broom.

The Scots came scouring down so last, And proudly pricked up with their prey ; ThiakiDg thar perils all were past, They straggling ran ont of their way.

The English men burst out a pace. And skirmished with the Scots anon ; There was fierce fighting, face to face, And many geldings made to groan, xci.

And tall men tumbling on the soil, And many a horse turned up his heeb ; Outrageous Mars kept such a coil. The Scots their strength did k ng extend ; And broken ranks did still renew ; But the English archers, in the end, With arrows shot ; most sore they flew.

The English spears, on the other side. Amongst the Scots did fiercely fling, And through their ranks did rattling ride. And chased them through moss, mire, and ling.

Hie cbamberbin, viewing this chance. And seeing his host all put to flight, Did with the foremoat forth advaoce: But happy in his horse so light xcv.

Stnughtwaj he fiev, trhen he perceived His banmer-'bearer down was beat: The English then their spoil received.

Besides a store of geldings great, xcvi. Six hundred Scots were slain that day, And near that number prisoners ta'en. But of the English, brave and gay, There were no more thui sixty slain.

In August month this broil befell. Thus while the Scots, both near and far. Were through all Scotland occupied, In framing weapons, fit for war.

And mustering men on every side. By this time came tbe heraM sent. He reverently the King did greet ; Who took from him his letters large ; And then, as ordered, what was writ.

In open words he did discbarge. Who summoned him his seige to nuse, And stay those wars he took in hand ; Or else with blood he would pave his ways.

And straight invade his native land, cm. King Henry's heart began to rise. And to the herald he did say, " Thy master thus I did surmise, " Would in our absence partiy play.

Then he to the King of Scots did write A letter, banishing all fears. That he, for all his ire and spight.

In France would still proceed his wars. And while he wuted for tbe wind. The truth whereof be lent strutway, And told the Earl of Surrey sage ; That time waa not for to delay, But soldiers raise for to engage.

Which when the Earl did understand, He letters seat both far and near. To all-tfae BoUes in ibe land.

And tell what nomberB they could make. With culverines, and portals great. And double cannons two or three ; Which he brought on by steed and cart, To Durhapi in the North country.

The noble Earl then letters wrote. Unto each castle, fori, and hold, That they should furnish them with shot. And fortiiytheir bulwarks bold.

Who answered all, with stomachs stout. And every captain with bis train. That they would keep the Scots quite out.

Until the King returned again. After he to his hrotber-in-kfr. Defiance into France had sent, His nobles all to him did draw, Well busked, and for battle beat.

And thus arrayed in armour bright, They met in Edinborough town ; There was many a lord and many a knight, And baron brare, of high renown.

Of prelates proud, a populous lave, And abbots boldly there were known. With Bishop of St. Andrew's brave, Who was King Jones's bastard son.

Who taught the priests such pranks perrene, Te march forth muitaed on thor mules. The messenger of Christ, St.

Paul, Taught them to shoot at do such mark, Peter, and Christ's jostles all, Did never lewd them in the dark. Their Patron so did not them learn, St.

With other bishops in his band, And abbots bold, as all the rest. And brazen trompeta blowed amain. The drums did beat, with warlike sound, And banners bravely waved wide.

Men scarce coidd view the fruitful ground. For soldiers armed on every side. In midst of ranks, there rode the king, On stately steed, which gracehl stampt ; A goodly sight to see him 6ing, And how his foaming bits he chunpt.

Thus did King James most gorgeous ride, A pleasure to bis noble petn ; He had a heart puft up with pride, And was a priiKe that banished fears.

But Providence, when kings do wrong. Their mighty power can elude. He thought no king in Christendom, In field to meet him was of might ; No, nor an Emperor of Rome Had been of force with him to fight.

But yet for all his armed host, His pnfied-up pride, and haughty heart, Full soon abated was his ghost ; He was brought to London in a cart.

It was in the midst of harvest-tide, August the two and twentieth day; That this great Prince, replete with pride. To the English borders burst his way.

Where piles he pnQed down apace, And stately buildings brought to ground. Religion's precepts sore did wound. CXLV, Fair matrons they did force each where, And ravished mfudens sweet and mild; In flames the houses made appear, And murdered many a man and child.

But how the English did prepare. To fight the ScoU, with hand and heart. Their valour also will appear, If you will read the Second Part.

Till he to Norham Castle came. Which soon with siege he did beset, And trenches digged without dday; With bombard-shot, the walls he best.

And to assault it did essay. The captain great, with courage stout, His fortress fiercely did defend ; But for a while he kshed out, Till he his ordnance did spend.

Bat yet five days he did defend. Though with assaults they him assailed. That in that hold had got relief. The space of thirty years and more.

Which made the captaia sore afraid. Beholding the walls, how they reeled. His weapona all them down he laid. And to King James did humbly yield.

The Scots strMtway did pour in, And pUed apace nqto their prey: Look what was worUi one point or pin, You'need not bid them take away.

So when the Scots the walls hod won, And rifled every nook and place. The traitor came to the King anon, But for reward met with disgrace.

Hie King then asked him by and by, " Where he was bom and is what town? The King then asked him, meek and mild, " For how long time he lodged there f " Even," quoth he, " since but a child, ' " A good deal more than thirty year.

Which when the Earl of Surrey knew, It was but vain to bid him haste: He sent to all his friends most true. Should to Newcastle take their way. There be devoutly did bear prayers, And worshipped God his Maker dear, Who banished from him cares uid fears, St.

Cuthbert's banner he did bear. Then strught be to Newcastle came, Of August, on the thirtieth day, There many a noblemaa of fame.

To him repaired without delay. And brought with him a noble band. Of warlike men, right well compleat. From Westmoreland and Cnmberland. Sir Marmadnke Constable stoat.

Attended widi his lovely scmi ; Sir William Buhner, with his root. Lord Chffocd, with his clapping guns. Then from Newcastle booq he went, Aad took his way to Alnwick town.

That weary men, with travel Bpetit, And weather-beaten, might have room. Then might you see on every side The ways all filled with men of war, With shining streamers, waving wide, Aad helmets glittering from afar.

From LuKdshire and Cheshire too, To. Poor husbandmen vete mudi amazed; And women, woBdeiing, cried, Alas!

Young wives did weep with woeful chear, To see their friends in harness drest, Some rent their cloadts, some tore their hair,.

What tears oame from religions men, What sacred service too was done! That Stanley might come safe away, And victor valiantly return ; The bells did sound both night and day, And holy fires bright did bum.

And fast their prayers poured out. A yeoman sud, " It is, I see, " Bryan Tunstal, that bold esquire.

But Tunstall took no heed that tide, Without saluting forth he past; Upon the valiant Howard's side, His faithfiil heart he fixed last.

Whose coming greatly did rejoice The Earl and all bia ctHnpany. None but the eagle bear the voice, With wrapping wings as he would fly. There did the army much increase, Although there were the most extreams; For ram down ratthag never did cease, Till bubbling brooks burst mighty streams.

Sach blustering winds besides there were. That day and night the air did sonnd ; Which put the Earl into great fear, Lest his son.

Who, at his parting, promised plight Unto his father, if alive, At Newcastle, with all his might. For his auistmce, to arrive.

Which promise he did fully keep ; Such friendship Neptune did him show, Ab to conduct bim over the deep. And his deriree jast begtow.

With captains most courteous keen, At Ahwick tfaey arrived at last: The southern men, the troth sooa knew, And loud, " Lord Admiral! And hands foe joy to Heuven did throw, - That his son was saved from waters wild.

A merry meebng there was seen. For first they kist, and then embraced; For joy the tears fell from their eyne. The Earl that called a council eooo.

Some said too small tbeir aamber was. To atchieve bo great an entoprize, Some counselled posts back for to pass For aid, and cause the conntries rise, ccvi.

And from the Soudi, the qneen, some said, A band of soldiers socm would send ; And wiUed to stay, for while thsf staid, Their powjen daily might amend.

Then did tbe Admiral start in ire, And stamping stood with stomach hot: Then spake Sir Edward Stanley stout. And fierce on the Earl he fixt his eyne, " What need have we thus for to doubt, " And be.

When this was sidd, then Stanley stout, AU silent down did sit in place ; The eyes of all the lords about.

Were fixed upon his valioBt face. His wisdom great all wondered at, " All did his maniiil proffer praise; All they that would have lingered late, Their conrage keen did now upraise.

Now they that lately would have staid, With foremost cryed, " Forth to the field! But on that side the Earl of Surrey Was deaf, for why, he could not hear; For being moved with Stanley's gloiy.

Quoth he, " The king's place I supply, " At pleasure mine each thing shall bide " Then on each captain he did cry.

That done, straitway he did ordain His battle brief on this same sort, Whose order and array right plain, With pea I traly shall report.

Wherefore in forward, first of all Chief Captain coostitnted he His loving son Lord Admiral, With soldieri such aa came from sea. Whom valiant Lords accompanied, With barons bold, and hardy knights ; Lord Ogle one of courage tried.

Who led a band of warlike wights. Who was concealed in shepherd's coat, Till twice twelve years were gose sod spent. And him restored to all his right Seating him in his father's land ; Or elM to death he had been dight, While the house of York had the uphaud.

Ail Staincliff hundred went with him,. With whom was next their neighbour near Lord Conyers stoat, and stiff in stour.

Next them was placed, with aD his power. Lord Scroope of Upsall, aged knight. Sir Stephen Bull, with all his power. Was matched next him with sD tiis might.

The whole bishoprick of Durham went, ccxcv. And yield to cbildrco iweet delight. All in the foremost battle bold, These knights who in the vanguard were Seven thousand men numbered and told, Simplest of whom bore bow or spear.

The glory of his grandsire old, The famous acts too of his sire; His blood, unspotted, made him bold, And stiired his stomach hot as fire.

For when debate did first begin. And rancour raised most rueful work. And ruffling ruled this realm within, Twixt Lancaster and the house of York.

Daring which huily-bnrly strife. Were murdered many a mother's child; Many a Lord bereaved of life, And noble house vith blood defiled.

Bat this man's father, void of fear While in this reahn sacb ruffling was, To Henry the Sixth did still adhere.

And for no pains did from him pass, cccvi. For he to York would never yield. For all the struggling stir and strife,. Nine times he fiercely fought in field.

So oft in danger was hU life. And when the king was captive caught, And the Eari of Warwick overthrown, ' To save his life best means he sought.

And was in bark to Bretagne blown. With Earl of Richmond he remained. Most fierce he fought at TbaJitui field. Where Martin Swart on ground lay slain, When rage did reign, he never reeled.

But like a rock did still remain, cccxi. Now -came this man amongst the rest, To match his father in manhood, For battle ready bent and preet.

With him a band of lusty blood, cccxii. Who martial feats was not to learn. These captains keen, with all their might, In right-hand wing did warlike wend ; All these or Edmund Howard, knight.

Hie Earl ordained to attend. Then next the left-hand wing did wield Sir Marmadnke Constable old, With him a troop well tried in field.

And eke bia wai and kinsfolk bold. And southern aoldien seemly bent. Next whom in place was 'nexed near Lord Scroope of Bolton stern and stout, On horseback, who had not his peer, No English man, Scots more did doubt cccxx.

With him did wend al! Wensledale From Morton unto Morsdale-mooF: All they that dwelt by the banks of Swale, With him were bent in hamess-store.

From Wmadale warlike wights did wend. With lusty lads and large of length. Which dwelt on Seimer water-side; All Rtchmondshire its total strength.

The valiant Scroope did lead and. Two valiant knights of noble blood, cecxxvi. Did lead some hundred men well told. Sir Gay Dswaey, with gkiricms routi Then Mr.

In rereward thus array did hold. The right-hand wing, with all his rout, The lusty Lord Dacres did lead ; With him the bows of Kendal stout, With milk-white coats and crosses red.

From Grayston and irom Ravenglass. With horsemen Hgfat from Heshan-Leven: Sir Edward Sttmley, stiff in atour.

He is the man on whom I mean ; With him did pass a mighty power Of soldiers seemly to be seen. Most lively lads in LoDidale bred,. Brought up trom babes with beef and bread.

With fellows fresh, and fierce in fight, Which Hortmi-fields did turn -in fitn. With lusty lads hearty sad Ugfat, From Blackbcmra and Bolton in die moon.

Thus Stanley stout, the last of all Of the rereward, die nde did wield ; Which done to Bblton in Giendale, The total army took the field. Whbseas the csstie too of Ford He threatened had to overthrow ; Rouge Croix was charged word fbt word.

The Earl's intent to let him know. But if King James would. Against King Henry hie brother-in-law. The Earl charged the herald strut, To certify the said Scots king, That be in the field with him would fight, On Friday then next following.

And then ere Rouge Croix forth did fare, The Admiral'took him aside, And bade him to the king declare, " His coining and access that tide.

An herald would again direct. Lest he their condact might declare, And thereby dangers great ought spring. Then Rouge Croix ready took his horse, Bedeclct with coat of arms most brave.

With bim did go a trumpet hoarse, That Scots Aetr ccMnog might perceive. Their geldings were both good and light, From galloping they seldom staid.

Till at the lengtb they viewed in sight. Whereas their enemy's army laid. The Scottish watch soon them descried.

With salutations did greet. He after, his instmctions straight. Each one exprest, in order meet, And letters 'livered iti their sight.

Whom, when the King of Scots had heard. And also reail his letters large, Even frantic-like he fuming fared. And bombard-like did boasts discharge.

To presence then he cidled his peers, To whom he read the Earl'a whole bill; Audience being given, with ireful ears.

Some stud it came of little skill. An Earl of such a simple shite. To anointed kiog sncb words to write! Some bad the schedule cast in fire, Some for to speak did spare for spite.

Whereto the king did soon consebt. Hay called by name. And to bis Grace avouched no tie ; Tbe king in mind anon forethought,. How he the Earl might terrify.

Lest he their order might display. And so the Scots advantage gain. Which when the Earl had understood, And viewed the Scotchmen's dealings all, He, in a sound and sober mood, TJpon his council strut did call.

Where he in presence did repeat The total tale the trumpet told. The couDcil mused with marvel great. Why Scots their herald did with-hold.

And causes none they could coaject. Till they the Scottish herald heard. Wherefore as sood as Phoebus fair Dame Luna's light and stars did stain, And burning in the fiery chair.

The Earl then called his council sage, Who soon on horseback did surround; And every man did bring his page. To hold their horses in that stound, C3.

The Scot was scarce from cabbage got, Where he the English Earl did greet. With little courtesy, like" a Scot. Which done, the Earl did then command His message he should manifest, Then Ilay quickly out of hand, His liefest charge anon exprest.

So simple a lord to meet in field, cccciv. And then a valiant vow he plight, That he the battle bold would bide. And on prefixed day would fight.

Which done he did cmnmand that tide, ccccv. The Scottish herald Ilay kept. Should for a season there sojourn, And in safe custody be kept, Till time that Rouge Croix did return.

Who to his Grace all tlungs declared, With the Earl's answer and intent, ccccvii. As he had seen, and in what sort, The Scottish King aicamped was.

The other side, great grizzly gills, Did fence aboat with mire and moss, ccccxi. Which, when the Earlhad nnderstood, He counsel craved of his captains all, Who bad set forth with maofiil mood.

The anoy preaeed thus to proceed, And all prepared id ranks to fight. Came on a champion then indeed. At first his face his hehnet hid, Thas plainly hare I beard report, Who swiftly by the ranks did ride.

The army marreUed at this man. To see him ride in such array, Bat what be was, or whence be came, None of them all coold certma say. Quoth the Earl, then " Pluck up thy heart, " You seem to be a perioa brave ; " Stand up at once, lay dread apart, " Thy pardon freely thou shalt have.

Then on his feet be started strait. And thanked the Earl for that good tide. Then on his horse he leaped light. Lord, ye lack a guide.

That done, he opened all the case, ccccxxxv. So said, the lords and knights of fame, From laughing loud could not refrain ; To hear his Gando, had good game.

Whose policy they had perceived. And oftentjmes his tnith had tiied. Which was the cause so sore they craved. This Heron grave to be their guide.

Read the Fourth Part, it makes an end Of Heron's story, and the fight. Let yooag and old to this attend. Them forth before brave Heron flew, The borderers bold to him did draw.

The total army did ensue, And came that night to Wooler-Haugh. Which called is, the Water of Till. Because the day was spent, that night The Bxmj lodged at Bormoor-wood.

Then valiaotly, with Ae vangtiard, The morrow next, with mature akiBi, The Admiral did march forward. At Twizel-bridge, with ordoance.

With the rereward, the river past, All ready in ranks and battle-array. They had no need more time to waste. For victuals they had none that day.

Yet they snch atedfnl faiths did bear Unto their king and native land ; Each one to other then did swear, 'Gaitut -foea to fight while thej could stand.

And never flee, while life did last. But rather die bjr dint of sword: Thus over pliuns and hills they past, Until they came to Sandyford.

A brook, of breadth a taylor's yard. Then marched forth the men of war. Ilius they past forth along tbe plain, And strait forth by a valley low ; Whence up above, on the mountain, The Scotch army they clearly saw.

Which they did leave on tbe left hand, And past forth on the Surrey side. Till twixt the Scots and Scottish land, They were conducted by their guide.

Now all this while the King of Scots Beheld them fair before his eyne, Within his mind drove many doubts, Musing what the English did mean.

XXV, " Your marches they mean for to sack, " And borders yours to harry and bum, " Wherefore it's best that we go back, " From such intent diem for to tnm.

This Musgrave was a man of skill, And spake this for a policy, To cause the king come down the hill, That so the battle tried might be.

The king gave credit to his words. Trusting his talk was void of train, He, with consent of all his lords, Did march with speed down to the plain.

By DOTth there was another hill. The litter which they left behind, And other filth on fire they set.

Whose dusty smoak the light did blind, That both the armies soon they met. For when the weather wased clear And smoak consumed within a while, The armies both in distance were.

Not past a quarter of a mile. Then the Admiral did plain aspect The Scots arrayed in battles four, The man was sage and circumspect.

So great a strength could not gainstand. Wherefore he to his father sent. Desiring him atnut out of hand, With the rereward ready to be bent, C3.

Aod join with him in eqnal ground: WberetD the Earl agreed anon, Then drams Btrnck np with dreadful sound.

And trumpets blew with doleful tune. Then sounding bows were soon np bent, Some did their arrows sharp up take.

Some did in hand their halbards heat. With rambling rage thus Vulcan's art. That he with bullet bnist his brain, And hurled his heeh his bead above, Then piped he such a peal again, The Scots he from their ordnance drove.

Into the midst of the enemies' Tanks, Where thej in furious rage down rushed, Some shouting laid with hroten shanks, Soine crying laid with numhers crushed.

Their broken raaki did stiU reoew. Which wounded many a wariike wight ; And many a groom to ground did throw, ccccxcm.

The gray-goose wings did work each grief And did the Scots so scour and skail ; For in their battle, to be brief, They rattling flew as rank as bail.

Then on the English part with speedy The bills stcpt forth, and bows went back. The Moorish pikes, and mells of kad. Did deal there many a 'dreadfal thwack.

With whom did pass, in equal mace, Sir Bryan Tunstall, to be brief. With whom encountered a strong Scot,' Who was the king's chief chamberlain. Lord Hume by name, of courage hot.

Who raanfiiliy mardied ibem again. Ten thousand Scots, well tried sad told. Under his standard stout he led; AVhen the Englishmen did him behold, For fear at first they would have fled, Dili.

Had not the valiant Tunstall been Who still slept on with stomach stoat. And did the same in mouth receive In token of his Maker dear ; Which, when his people did perceive, His valiant heart renewed their chear.

Hen first before, in foremost raj. But thundering thrust into the throng. He was the first for to be short. That he trom snccoar coveted vas. His golden gboit did fluttering fly.

He died a death renowned and great. After bis fall the people fled. Save Sir Edmund Howard all alone, Who with his atandard-bearer yet, Seeing bis folks all fled and gone ; In baste to vaogiuud hyed to get.

With half a score of horsemen light. Crying, " Now Howard, have good heart,? Which heard then Howard't heart up drew, And with the epeannen forth he sprung.

Then many a Scot that Btont did stand. One Crawford called, the other Montrofis, Who led twelve thousand Scotchmen strong Who manfully met with their foea, With leaden mells and lances long.

Bat yet, in fine, tbroagfa mighty force The Admiral quit himself so well, And wrought so, that the Scots had wont. For dcnrn in field both Earls tiiey fell.

Now the Earl Snrrey next by east. Under which was many a bwon bold. With Bothwell bold and of Glmcarr. Lord Borthwick, Bargeny, and Forbes. Then spears and pikes to votk were put.

And blows with catting axes dealt. The hills did eccho with the moans, oxxxvi. And " Bothwell Bothwell," cried bold. To cause his soldiers to ensue; But there he catched a welcome cold ; A valiant' Englishman him slew.

The victory in doubt did stand. Some from the leg the boot woiild draw. And hearts did hop in panting breast, Uniil the mountain-top they wan.

In warlike-wise ere Scotsmen wist. Where for a while brave Stanley stud, Until hiS'foUiB bad taken bredth ; To whom at laat eren thus he said, " Most hardy mates, down from this heath.

Which whra Lord Stanley stout did see. Into the throng, he thundering thruM;. Lord Forbee,'Bargeny, and Borthwick, Upon that bent did breathless bide.

On him he sconring 'scaped Bwaj, Else doubtless, as- the case did stand. On Floddon-bill he had died that day, DLVtl.

After these I,ords were dead or fled. And companies left captiunless ; Their soldiers then did fly with speed: With soub of horror and distress. Whom Stanley, with his total strength Swiftly pursues unto the plain, Where, on the king he light at length ; Who fighting was with all his main.

The king himself was wounded sore. An arrow in his forehead light. Thus dying, did be brave appear Till shades of death did close his eyes. Till then he did his soldiers chear, And raise their courage to the skies.

But what avEuIed his valour greftt Or bold device, it was all ia vaia: With many a lusty Lord-like Scot. Fair for all their power.

And last of all, amongst the lave, King James himself to death gave way. Yet by whose hands none could perceive.

Bat Stanley still most like was he. After the king and captains slain, TiK commons strait did fall to ground. The fjiglishmen pursued amain, And never ceased till sun went down.

The Earl couM not know it right, Searching the same upon the ground. Till the Lord Dacres, at the last, By certain signs did know the king; His corps in a cart being pieced They to Newcastle did it bring.

King James's body was embalmed, Sweet, like a king, and then was sent To Sbene in Surrey,, where intombed. But Bryan Tonstall, that brave knight, A never-dying honour gains ; And will, as long as day and night, Or as this little book remtuns.

Thus have you heard of Floddon fight, Worthy of each to be commended ; Because that thai old England's right Was bravely by her sons defended. Tbi FlrK Jin, i.

Ptreft Ingenloui note Id die Rellquct of Ane. Pcrlupi tbc Aathor mcuii tmil. Has in auter avont mann 5 Ch' il Tiu pli car, ei guess. Min cor e min confiert, Miserias el desiert Ded ir en tiaras jastras, Conversar cnn jasters.

Ach tgei dei jen mai far? Seh' Jen Tei stoi davos laschar! Sch'jeu hai fatg dil mal, Sehe hagies nuot per mal, 15 Sch'jeu hai Tei stridau, Sehe lai mei ord il tgan.

Pren si il min salid 20 Dil pli bien amitg, Pli car cheu sin tiara. Fagieit bnc il semegliont; 15 Pli bein ch'jeu se patertgiei, E cun ina yeglia bnc maridei!

Miu cor bia snspira E plonscha zun feig; Jeu laschel buc ira Daven aschi gitg. Tgi sa CO ei passa 10 Cun el leuviaden? Sch'el lai bein annc derar Mei dari el sen.

El scriva mi zwar De far salidar; 15 Pertratgi per buca, Ch'el deigi tumar. Avon ch' ira schev' el, Jeu vegnel a vegnir Bein gleiti tier Tei 20 A porscher ig] ani.

Sch'el resta aber buca Fideivels a mi, Sehe ha el bnc ventira; 40 Qnei sai jeu de gir. Ei gliei buca lubiu De far empenDischun, E da dir muronz A mintga slavun.

Da cor ealidel, 50 Salidel il miu car: Dai jeu pia cun tristezia Teiy mia cara, bandonar? Di a mi; tgi ei po leza, La chischun ch'jeu stoi laschar.

Ils mes egls ein las mias plemmas, Mia vista il pnpi, Tenta ein las mias larmas, Pia scriver cun bargi.

Sunei si vos Instruments Per piascher alla mia cara, Alluscha sund'jeu bein contents. Digitized by Google Volkslieder Nu8 ftuein endirar Tschau ora, 10 che quels pon nus bncc ftruclar; ei en mo lau en e pon faltar e las Franzosas er bitschar.

Quei fnfs schon dau in bien cufseilg, fch' el gartigias damaun marveilg, fche Jen favefs forza ligniar, chi pott a pofta pudefs far.

Hg Capitani lein rugar, 30 ch'ils nos fchuldaus lafchi tumar, che nus fpitgein ton vefs Tschau ora ad or Sointgiet mein or trafora.

Miu cor suspira mintgia dy e damaun lein nus yignir, [f. Per queUa fin lein nus Dieus rugar, ch' el yegli vus era far fchar en buna fanadat riftar, 40 entochen che jeu pofs tier vus Tumar.

Tscheu en dat ei era Matteaus de solaz; 15 Tscheu ora dat ei era Aunc pli mats. Cun tgei vai jeu Tei stridau. Che Ti has mei baudouau?

Jeu rog che Ti veglies, 10 Mei quei temps buc emblidar, Amizezia carschentar; Fai quei piascher a mi. Jeu vegn fiur enzaco, Quei liung temps de manar vi, 15 Tochen che Ti vegnies a vegni, Jeu vegn fa enzaco.

Digitized by Google Volkslieder Vess onz manegian, Ch' il Rein mass ensi, 15 Avon che midass Ils plaids de tscheidi.

Stai legher, o biala, Avon ch'jen tnomi pli, Va gness in' nrialla, Quei sai jen de dir. Jen vai iua mmronza, Sper qnella stess bngient; Fnss qnei la mia cara, Fnss qnei min legherment.

Ei dian a mi tudi: Sch'jeu poss leu buc pli star, Sehe sai jeu aunc tumar Tiel bab e tiela mumma, 20 Sehe sai jeu aunc luvrar.

Las muschs-miscat ein petras, Ils neghelets ein forts, 35 Quels dun jeu a mia biala, Agli per in confiert. Tier macortas mond'jeu buc Sonder mo tier bialas, Tier quellas mond'jeu bravamein, 40 Perquei ch'ei dattan bia butschallas.

Ei schon pia or stizzada 10 La carezia denter nus; E schon pia emblidada Ina spusa de sin spus. Pia tgei carezia ei passada Entochen ussa denter nus?

Contas gadas has mei clomau, Plidau discus mes vegls? Contas gadas has detg, ch'jeu 20 A Ti seigi pli cara che tes egls?

Cali po cun quella tschontscha, 30 Ch'jeu poss buca pli tadlar; Quei ei grad sco cam-piertg ronscha, Che saera avon che schigiar.

Quei fuss bein gronda furtina. Seh' jeu sto Tei dumendar; Tiu tschupi vegn da mina, 40 Sehe Ti vul sin mei spetgar. Co dei Jen ussa se volver? Fuss Jen mo mai matta Stada, Stuess Jen bnc ton endirar.

Jen confess, o cara biala, Ch'jen hagi lenng' urialla Senza Tei stover star; Poss Jen bncca emblidar 5 Hb plischers, ch'jeu gudevel, Tochen ch'jeu cun Tei star podevel.

Ils dnltschs plaids de Tia bncca Sent'jeu mi'olma tntta; Cur ch'jeu in betsch a Ti devel, 10 Ed in betsch de Tei retschevevel, La calira dell' amur, Quella scaldaya sin ia flur.

L' amur era nies confiert, Nus gudeyan de quei jert 15 In bien fretg de pennavera; Ach; seh' ei fuss mai vegnen sera, La dnlschezia era cun nus, Ed il cor batteva discuss.

Ginvens, che meis en quei jert, 20 Veies adatg, figiei buca d'entiert; Scadin po bein vor la mira, Cu la gielgia ei madira, De prender quella navent Cun adatg e sentiment.

Pilver, sehe Ti sas meglier ch' jeu anflar, De tut cor vi agurar In bi giuyen zun legreiyels, 80 II quäl seigi emperneivels ; Sehe lin e lauter unfrir si Quei dulach scazi e ver tschupi.

In che vul yentira ver, Deu adina sto tumer, 45 In che vul ver ina spusa, Sto mirar, ch' ella seigi prusa. In che vul zun bein morir, Sto de tuts pucaus untgir.

L'amur ei in lesti utschi, 50 Mo veies adatg mintga gi, Quell' afl' ins savens sin via, E mai stat a casa sia; Grad sco 'gl aviul, ch' ei sin la fiur, Sgola per tschitschar l'amur.

Sefidei zun nuot dil mund; La stad passa sco igl atun, In ch' a veu la permavera, Igl unviem, la freida sera, 65 Sto enten in moment De quest mund sparter navent.

Per quella fin sun jeu jus pilg mund 10 et fuDdel vignias entochen Piemont; entochen jeu erel leu ora Tier vus fche engolaven ei adina 1' honur.

Jeu plaidel afchia e gigiel; nuota ton meins a mi feglia las larmas, miu chor ei ton plains; 15 La gronda charezia che jeu portavel a quels vefs jeu giu traitg ora tuts ils lur caveilgs.

Quei Tucca Tier a quellas dunauns, 30 pertgei quellas vulten pertut ver en la detta; ellas gin, mo fas Ti nuot, Jeu vai udiu lez vomi per Tut.

Sehe jeu fufs sco Ti, fche fchefs jeu ad el, Ti hagies udiu bucca feitg bien; 35 quei ei bucc lubiu de far empermifchun, a In ir a muron cun mintgia fchlavun.

Digitized by Google Volkslieder dilg gron mintgir a nirchanar Sehe fto ei figir ilg davos fclifardar; [f.

El ei in bial Giuven a fa far dilg Tut, Broes de peseha ad era bia Kobs; Ilg bial Giuven va lau a fplunton, Seh' enpiaren ei, Tgi eis ei eau oravonV 45 Ei glei in Giuven de Tutta honur e lefs vignir a plidar eun vus; jeu eneonnfehel buee e sai buce, Tgi glei, dai d' eneonufeher, fehe vi jeu dar fai.

Eneonufeher, eneanufehas Ti per memia, 50 Ti regordas bein aung, fehe Ti has plidau eun mengia; jeu pofs bueea feriver pli, afehigliog vefs jeu buee avunda pupi.

Tgi, ehe Teidla quella Canzun, Qnel gi, ehe jeu hagi buna rifehun; 55 ei hau Tartgieu d' a roi far don, mo Dieus fei ludaus, ehe jeu sun Tschau en. Cur ehe jeuTournel a eafa, fch'ei fei memia Tard, Sehe ftun jeu leu fenza, eh' jeu fei buce' enflar; [f.

Quei vai jeu feret a miu plifeher, 70 perquei mungleis vus nuota erer; Mo eons ei dat fier nus, ehe fafsen era eis munglus. Lu fton ei viver cun in Toc paun ad era cun ina buglia fenza pieun; Hg Temps d' unviem lu pafs' ei eung, lu han ei eung ils beilgs pleins greun.

Ade, Jon til navend, vi far viadi, Ti eis miu legramen Ün' antra gada; Mieu Cor ei Kumers plein par mur de teie, Mia chara fovas bein, anblidas meie.

Chei bella Caufsa ei quei sin questa terra 10 Da ver amur cur tei, charechia bera, Charezia da Daleg, Charezia gronda, Amur da cor andreg da Cumpurtonza.

Digitized by Google Volkslieder Si denter Caolms da verts staten duas Lieusse; Maglian quei bi pask vert a belas Flurse; Schi gig ch' in Kom ei vert sin Tera queie, 20 Tont gig jou spronza hai, ti deis ngnir mia.

Ade, con bona Noig lein nus sarare, qaesta canzun ei fachia a gli mia chara; enten fideivladad sund jon sagire, Nagin aater ca la Mort nnfs po Sparchire.

Parquei crod jen uss savens En grond leid e tentaments, Cur jeu e tei bein patarchiau, 10 Cor en cor vevan saran; Meu daletg a legrament Foyas ti parsnlameng.

Tis nos cors ir separausO; Mo meu cor stei tgeu aropaue, 15 Duyess jen haver vingiau, Quest ligiom dei gnir scarpau; Jeu quittava dad haver Mai tiers tei il meu piascher.

Mo avont ch'jeu hai gnrbeu, 20 El lur schon tut stau fineu; Chi da tei vess patartgiau, Da mei schon ver amblidau? Quest vi jeu a tgi surdar 50 Cun bler larmas a plirar; II meu plong vi uss finire, Seh' jeu da tei pudess gubire, Giavischar des jeu mai quei, Da mi patarchiar da tei.

Cur jeu sund curclaus sat pia, Sin mia fossa scriva aschia: Da tei cumgiau iou prend. Jou sunt intentzionau Ad era resolvau 5 Ad ir navend.

Scha chei chi maunca ei? Cha ti vol ir navent Aschi anecbiameng? Na poss iou aflar cou, 15 Vi buc pli fltar. Dalla latezia gis bein, Aber bucca dilg laid, Ilg quäl a chi pudes Bein bault er cnrdar tior; 20 Partrachia bein!

Pir lur ilg legrament Ven, cur nus sin ilg Feld Pudein ir salagront, Trumbetas a sunont, 25 Silg schumber dar. Beall lagrament ei quei, Lg' anamig ven vonzei Cun sagittar frantur A metta tut sutt sur 30 Sgrischeivelameng.

Da tut temps leger star, E tapfer vugiar Ei schon miez gudangiau; Jou sunt uunzagiau 35 Ramet a Dens. Has da tnt temps ndien, Ca Igei a bears fallieu; Chan prieugel tanieu char, Lient han stuvien star 60 Troc en la mors.

Schi iou gie ngis quou a star, Chi fus ei bnc da char; Er buc sagir da la mort; Dens catta nns partut, 70 Sagir, mi crei!

Ach char, partrachia bein! Ti Yens schilgiog intnom; Mi crei sagirameng! Quest bnc mi rump ilg cheau, Tut queiy chei urdanau, Quei sto bein davantar, Parquei chiou ti teng cbar 85 Lasch iou nagim.

Qaont bers han memgia tardt Sanreglau da lur fietitg, Ca eis ord frechadat Hau faigy gig en vardad; 90 Partrachia avont! Scha gie ca lau vangis Anqual mal gi noutiers; Quei cuza buca gig, Yen amblidau aneg Cun tin glas vin.

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Ca tei san far pardorts? Quont bears schi ferms baruus Quittan sa far grond num; Vengian anturn. Daventig la velgia da Dens!

Ach teidle aunc Un plaid Ont ch' ir navend da mei! Ach gi mi; gi parchei Voll ils tes ad er mei Schi cumbriar. Mia chara, ei chi seig gig, Mi ten buc si pli gig!

Schi iou US tristezia lasch Tont pli latezia iou fatsch Lur, cur iou turn. Ade, gig milli gads, Mia chara, ad ils mes chars!

Buc hagias amparmal, Schiou vus ves üg faig dilg mal. Ei gliei stau a nus de car, De vegnir Vus visitar; Ei gliei stau la nossa mira, Cur che nus vein giu la ventira 5 De vegnir da Innsch davon, Per mussar nies legherment.

Digitized by Google Volkfllieder Ach, CO gliei po mai midau, Tgi vess quei maina patertgau, Giuventetgua si carscbida, 10 Vegliadetgna vi stiilida; Gliei restaa grad enqualtgin Cheu enten quest aschi bi cortin.

Ach, ventira vi jeu gurar A scadin, ch' a eben de star, Che suenter questa vita. Che Dieus detti la vard dretga 85 Ed ina beada iin A mi ed a Vus finadin.

Stiarsas sera senza fraud Ei a mi passau pil tgau D' ina giuvn' il demanar, Che bugient less maridar. Quel che jer ha plaschiu zun bein, Plai oz buc segiramein; Qual Ti seigi il pli car, Sas Ti teza stmsch ligniar.

Varga stmsch in n' er dus dis, 30 Che quel ei schon buc pli stgis; Seh' in damonda la rischun, Vul Ti dar negina zun.

Meini has midau denton, Ü88 vul Ti mo in de gron; 35 Quel manegias sei per Tei, Mo s' enridas prest puspei. Autras miras has cattau, Lais in auter vegnir el tgau, Volyas ils Tes egls sin in 40 Zun honzeli e carin.

Ussa eis ei tnt gartegiau; Quel vi jeu, amitg, ch' ha tgau, Fuss ei giunchers n' er baruns, Quel vi jeu, che ha buns duns. Qnel yi jeu us Binzerunein.

Mo tonaton ei, sco jen ditg, Qnel vul ella buc pli ditg. Gleiti dorn' ella per nnm, 60 Qnel che stat il pli sisam; Mo enten il se destadar, n reh, gi eUa, vi jen salvar.

Lai qnel; ch'jen maneg, yegnir, E ritscheiy' in bi schengetg; 65 Neve ginyna, qnel che plai, Maine midas, mai pli mai?

Salvas il Tiu rih per Tei, A nin anter das pli fei; Qnella gada sei serran gin, 70 Ti per anter miras neglin. Eis eniisa In de quels; Lai vegni lu in de tschels ü il rech u il plidont, U il sabi ii il grond.

Er quei lais buca ditg plischer, Schon damaun poss quei cha ver; Oz plai alv, damaun fulin Oz Bistgauu; damaun Martin. Nos mats, ach, tgei narruns!

Hau a nus fatg si canzuns; Has Ti Tina mai ndeu? Ch' in sa buca nua ei han tut preu. Mira, co ei se fitan si E se trihan si tagi; 15 CapiaV aulta han ei sil tgnu Ad in quet sco in clavau.

Sil plaz vegnan bein ornai E len stattan sbargatai; Mettan ils lur mauns en cmsch, 20 Ch' ei sesez enconuschan strusch. Loschamein se stendan si, Miran gin per sesez, ston ri, Co tat va aschi bein a prau, E train giu il libroc enpau.

Ei se lain per ils cantuns, E se train sco tons narruns, ChMna yacca podess ri, 40 Quei ei lur plischer pli bi. Van entuom fagient matgiert, Quel a quel ha lu gl' entiert, Sco tons thiers selvadis, Ch' in sa strusch tgei causs' ei gliei.

Digitized by Google Volkslieder Auters reivan si per preits, Per flaver tgei gliei perpeis. Notgs la stad leu en sin peis, 50 Cloman: Neu, jeu sun, stai si, lai en!

Miu confiert e legherment! In cun quei ei bein Contents D' esser mintga notg presents, Stat uriallas or sin peis, 60 Para ch' el muri sin las preits.

II pli fetg sto ins aunc ri, Ch ei tratgian d' esser beinvegni, Dapertut negin po ver, H quäl giuncher-quet sa pilver. In da quort ei vegneus tier mei, 70 Gliei buc spas, gi el, per tgei?

Jeu hai legiau vi ils cavels Ed eis calzers port'jeu pindels. Mo surtut ha Mierta in. Che drova zun bien inschign, Sehe vegn dau si de magliar, 80 Lai el pauc e nuot vonzar.

Quei de Neua ei er' in fin, Petta-zarta e bien vin Lai el bia bein plischer, E sa pulitamein guder. Qael de Nona ei il siu bi, 90 Mura fetg, mo sa sin tgi?

Qnel de Mengia ha bnca fei, Seh' ei vegn dan si paschad' e mel; 95 Seh' ei vegnan anno cnl glas. Qnei ei in bi schnber spass.

Frena ha il pli pnlit; Qnel garegia panc profit; Vegn snt easa mintga notg Per pers-tosts siat ne ctg. Mierta ha h il detg! Lei bnc pli gronds, cb' in snetg; Mo el reiva bi e bein, Gnr ch' ei vegnan cnl pnschein.

Qnel de Tschina ei pli contents, Drova hnrtiamein ils dents; Sch'ei vegn dan si zitgiei, 6i el: II s mats schi bauld sco ei calan La rassa de trer en; Entscheivan schon de Inr bialas In lauter ver endament.

Las dian sayens, quels plaian, 10 Con ditg stoi jeu star senza? Cu vegn ei po quell' ura, Che viver poss contenza?

Mo von ch'ei seigi or'ina notg. Ils mats van per las gasBas 30 Ina notg ora a gren Per Bcalas e per plattas; Sco schei fassen or da senn.

A biaras gadas schelan ei, Ch' ei stattan de bargir; 35 Quei ei Inr gudogn, Cb' ina part menan via. Sehe tgei fan las matteuns pia? Savens en davos pegna; Sehe tgei han ellas len ameuns?

Sehe tgei' lamentaschnns Han ellas era? Schei dess enqnal caschun 50 D'haver enqnal narmn, Quei ei la lur mira E la lor devozinn. Jeu sai da mats, che van a matteuns, E statan sin pegna sper las dunnauns.

Jeu sai de matteunS; che stattan cun mats, E portan andutgels e dattan als mats, 15 Fiderum; Fiderum; Fideralalal E portan andutgels e dattan als mats.

Jeu sai da mats, che van a matteuns, Pli pil puschein; che per las matteuns, Fiderum, Fiderum, Fideralalal 20 Pli pil puscheiu; che per las matteuns.

Jeu sai de matteunS; che stattan cun roatS; Pli per merveglias; che per ils mats. Fidernm; Fiderum, Fideralalal Pli per merveglias, che per ils mats.

Ded in hi giuven sai jeu de di. Che va la notg ed aonc il gi. CucU; Ti narri, cucu! El va nua ch' el ha ses legherments.

Per metter giu ses compliments. Oucu, Ti narri; cucu! Cucu, Ti narri; cucu! CucU; Ti narri; cucu!

Quendisch vev' el dumendau, 10 Ed ei buc ina gartegiau. De cantar lein nus calar; Per buc il giuven vilentar. Gars compogns, tadlei sin mei!

Las mattenus bac viÜntei; Las matteuns bac cambrigiei, 20 Schiglioc quei fa bargire. Fass mi laid de yilintar Las matteans aschia; Cortesia lein nas hr En oas' ed or sin via.

Mia maronz ei in bafatget, El ha dau a mi in bi fazolet. Ach; CO mi fa mal il tgaa, Che mia maronz ei jus schnldaa.

El ha respondin buc en favur, Mo l'engraziau per quell' honur, 15 Tgei duess jeu far cun Vns? Na quei fnss buc per mei. Jeu se cuntentel cun in parle, Ne seh' ei sto esser cun in yischle.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Dai po a mi in marin, Sehe buc in cotg 20 Silmeins in crin. Ina ga era ei ina matta, Viva la compagnia! Che forschava ina cazza.

Ella pauc rispnndeva, 10 Viva la compagnia! Mo ton pli ella tertgiava. Tgi sa tgei la tertgiava? Biala matta Stada Et ussa buca pli, Has schan bitschar ils mats E quei ei bnca bi.

In che fa bia prada Sega giu pauc fein; Et in che ha bia maronzas, Quel derma buca bein. Susana biala niatta Ha priu qnei melen Oiachen, Ha priu per siu confiert Sprunau el begl da ipiertg.

Giuncher vetter, leis maridar? Tgei nezegia in bi jert, Seh' ins ha nuot da meter en? Tgei nezegia giuventetgna, Seh' ins ha uegin devertimen.

Gienuardi maridar, En perpeten se ligiar, Unfirir si la libertad, Fuss dayeras tupadat. Snn bngient en compagnia 10 Can amitgs en harmonia; Mon a letg e stnndel si, Mintgamai sco plai a mi.

Nun ch' ins metta davos pegna, 80 Bialas ein savens en prighel; Cun lischadas mo spir bregia. Tgei nezegia tut vigilar; Bauld ne tard in auter car En absenza dil patrun 40 Ocupescba sia mischun.

Sehe' Jen ina paupra prendel, 10 Ch' a rauba schi sco jeu; Co lein vegnir navenda, Senz' engolar empan? Ni praus, ni tetg, nit slonda, Ni stalla, ni curtin; 15 Gliei quei miseria gronda, De morir de fom perfin.

Seh' jeu prendel ina riha, Schi paupers sco jeu sun; Seh' eis ei traso la streha, 20 Tei bettler hai fatg um.

Seh' jeu prendel ina biala, Gh' ei fina de colur; Semet jeu mal en siala. Anne plirs ehe han 1' amur. Seh' Jen pren da gronda casa, Scb' eis ei traso fetg quet; Selauda e se rasa, 40 Gh' ins astga gnanc far hnz.

Seh' Jen pren ina giezada, Sehe bein jen vai de stgir; Ln eis ella franc bulada. Sin mei e tnt che ri. Sehe nu dei jen In ir; Qnella ha maglian pischada, E sena or en letg.

Seh' Jen prendel ina schnupa. Sehe sei In tnt che ri; Poss Jen bein dnvrar la zappa, 60 Sa far motgnu tndi. Digitized by Google VolksUeder Jeu less a Ti scultar, Sch'Ti lesses mei tadlar E buc per mal si prender, Davard il maridar; 5 Ch' in dei bein patertgar, Per buc s' enriclar suenter.

Per gliez pegl'jeu ei lev. Che buc tadlar mereta. Cheu has Ti gartegiau, Gliei tut cun quei lugau, 45 Pren enpau peda; Ti vegns schon a vegnir Pertscharta tgei vul dir, Quei che fa uss Tei ton leda.

Digitized by Google Volkslieder Sehe jeu hai gie paucs onns, 50 Sehe silmeins portar affons Bonai ch'jeu vegn bein era Saver sco quellas cb'han Buc pli biars onns e van Cugl um a letg la sera.

Sehei gliei mai per quei de far. Sehe quint'jeu bein mitschar, Quei ei mai per esser sperta; 70 Ei gliei gleiti vi lugau, Auter piann eavau, Sehe rest'jeu aune perderta.

Sehe tgei quitaus 80 Dein vegni sur mei, Cur jeu sun maridada? Mender che sco gliei urs, Sa ei gie buc vegnir, Seh' ei fuss gie mellis prighels ; Pertgei cur ch'jeu vai um, Sehe dunna sai ch'jeu sun, E poss serrar i1 righel.

Sehe Igei tue' ei pia de far Bia pli che cuschiuar Ad ina femm' en casa? Che dei vegnir lugada si; Sco jeu dei survegni, Ch'en piaun se rasa.

Seh' Ti poss ca pli tadlar II miu disquors schi bi. Sana, suna giegia, Hb mats de Guera vegnan! Suna, suna giegia, Cb' ils mats de Peiden vegnan!

Eis cavan suecs Mo senza dretgs. Eis vendan graun, E spargnan paun. Suna, suna giegia, Cb' ils mats de Morissen vegnan! Eis fian process Per gudognar daners.

Suna, suna giegia, Cb' ils mats de Vella vegnan! Digitized by Google Volkslieder Eis van sin pegna, E train or la palegna.

Suna; suna giegia, Gh' ils mats de Degien vegnan! Schlognian rascha Per dar curascba. Van giu 1 Glogn, E maglian ogn. Suna, suna giegia, Ch'ils mats de Vrin vegnan!

Suna; suna giegia, Ch' ils mats de Surcasti vegnan! Van oragiu el casti Per metter en ani. Suna, suna giegia, Ch'ils mats de Camuns vegnan!

Van a Runs Per hx sparuns. Suna, suna giegia, Ch' ils mats de Tersnaus vegnan! Eis fiui barsauS; E rumpan ils traus.

Van per las valls, Train or ils pals. E hau volin dar ina de Muste a roi, Ina biala ed ina fina; Ina de Muste, quei vi jeu buc, Caffe quei bras'jeu buc, 10 In' antra vi ad haver.

Ei hau voliu dar ina de Trnn a mi, Ina biala ed ina fina; Ina de Trun, quei vi jeu buc, Dar sil frun quei lasch' jeu buc, 15 In' antra vi ad haver.

Ei hau voliu dar ina da Dandiast a mi, Ina biala ed ina fina; Ina da Dandiast, quei vi jeu buc, Adin' il gast quei fetsch jeu buc, 20 In' antra vi ad haver.

Ei hau voleu dar ina de Siath a mi, Ina biala ed ina fina; Ina de Siath, quei vi jeu buc, Tochen las siat quei stun jeu buc, 25 In' autra vi ad haver.

Ei hau voliu dar ina de Pitasch a mi, Ina da biala ed ina fina; Ina de Pitasch, quei vi jeu buc, Adina pen asch, quei beib'jeu buc, 30 In' autra vi ad haver.

Digitized by Google Volkslieder Ei han voliu dar ina de Gastrisch a mi, Ina biala ed ina fina; Ina de Gastrisch, quei vi jeu buc, Magliar paun misch, quei magl'jeu bnc, 35 In' antra vi ad haver.

Ei han voliu dar ina de Schluein a mi, Ina biala ed ina fina; Ina de Schluein, quei vi jeu buc, Far pTilein, quei fetsch jeu buc, 45 lu'autra vi ad haver.

Ei han voleu dar ina de Somvitg a mi, Ina biala ed ina fina; Ina de Somvitg, quei vi jeu buc, Magliar suitg, quei magr jeu buc, 50 In' antra vi ad haver.

Ei han voleu dar ina de Ladir a mi, Ina biala ad ina fina; Ina de Ladir, quei vi jeu buc, Far vadi, quei fetsch jeu buc, 55 lu'autra vi ad haver.

Ei han voliu dar ina de Breil a mi, Ina biala ed ina fina; Ina de Breil, quei vi jeu buc, Dar sil steigl, quei lasch jeu buc, 65 In' autra vi ad haver.

Ei han voleu dar ina de Pigneu a mi, Ina biala ed in ina fina; Ina de Pigueu, quei vi jou buc, Digitized by Google VolkBlieder Beiber ischeu, quei beib' jeu buc, 70 In' antra vi ad haver.

Ei han volen dar ina de Rnschein a mi, Ina biala ed ina fina; Ina de Rnschein, qnei vi jen bnc, Cnar plnscheins, qnei cu'jen bnc, 80 In' antra vi ad haver.

Ei ban volen dar ina de Fallera a mi, Ina biala ed ina fina; Ina de Fallera, quei vi jen bnc, Adina gallera, qnei magl'jen bnc, 85 In' antra vi ad haver.

Ei han volen dar ina de Sagogn a mi, Ina biala ed ina fina; Ina de Sagogn, qnei vi jeu buc, Dar cul mogn, quei lasch jeu buc, 90 In' antra vi ad haver.

Ei han volen dar ina de Flem a mi, Ina biala ed ina fina; Ina de Flem, quei vi jeu buc, Prender il splem, qnei lasch jeu bnc, In' antra vi ad haver.

Ei han volen dar ina de Trin a mi, Ina biala ed ina fina; Ina de Trin, qnei vi jeu bnc, Adina vin, quei poss jeu bnc, In' antra vi ad haver.

Ei ban volen dar ina de Riein a mi, Ina biala ed ina fina; Ina de Riein, quei vi jeu buc, Ir el Rein, quei mond'jeu buc, 1 20 In' antra vi ad baver.

Ei ban volen dar ina de Duin a mi, Ina biala ed ina fina; Ina de Duin, quei vi jeu buc, Far giu fulin, quei fetsch jeu buc, In' antra vi ad baver.

Ei ban volen dar ina da Floud a mi, Ina biala ed in fina; Ina de Flond, quei vi jeu buc, El barhom, quei vom jeu buc, In' antra vi ad baver.

Ei ban volen dar ina de Luven a mi, Ina biala ed ina fina; Ina de Luven vi jeu buc, Adina sil ruver, quei stun jeu buc, In' antra vi ad baver.

Ei ban voleu dar ina de Surquolm a mi, Ina biala ed ina fina; Ina de Surquolm, quei vi jeu buc, Tochen si qnolm, quei vom jeu buc, In' antra vi ad baver.

Ei ban voleu dar ina de Snrsaissa a ml, Lna biala ed ina fina; Ina de Snrsaissa, quei vi jeu buc, Digitized by Google VolkBlieder Metter 1' aissa quei lasch' jea buc, In' antra vi ad haver.

Ina de Tarsnans, 10 Quei vi jen bnc; Sedar cnl nansch, Quei astg'jen bnc. Ina de Cnmbel; 30 Qnei vi jen bnc; Dar sil schnmber, Qnei fa ventmn. Ina de Vella, Qaei ri jeu buc; Smaccar peliscbs; 40 Qaei drova nuot.

Ina de Lumbrein, 50 Quei vi jeu buc; Dar puschein, Quei plai mi buc. Ina de sontg Andriu, Quei vi jeu buc; 55 Magliar emplius, Quei fa fallius. Ina de Pruastg, Quei vi jeu buc; Litgar pen asch, Quei po88 jeu buc.

Ina de Vrin, Quei vi jeu schon; Quei sai jeu schon. Ti car e prus fumegl! Pertgei levas aschi mervegl Avon che la steila dil solegl? Ti cara; bialla matta!

Sehe Ti vul daventar in pivun, Ed ord della tiara mei piclai: Digitized by Google Volkslieder Sehe Ti vul daventar in pescadur, Ed ord da V aua vul mei pescar; Sehe vi jeu daventar ina nnorsa, Ed enten 1a bostga vi jeu se zuppar.

Sehe Ti vul daventar in eamutseh, Ed enten la greppa vul se zuppar; 35 Sehe vi jeu daventar in eatschadur, Ed ord della greppa vi Tei eatsehar.

Sehe Ti vul daventar in eatsehadur, Ed ord della greppa vul mei eatsehar; Sehe vi jeu daventar ina tuba, 40 Ed en igl ault vi jeu sgular.

Sehe Ti vul daventar ina tuba, Ed en igl ault vul Ti sgular; Sehe vi jeu daventar in aunghel, Ed enten bratsch vi Tei pegliar.

Tgei trais Ti neu della spusa? E che nnsy ehe luvroin aschi boin! Jeu vomel en Valrein, E che Dieus nus moini en boin. E tgei mettas si pous alla spnsa?

E che nus, che luvroin aschi boin! Tgei luvraves Ti jer sera? Gin dils mes, che lavuran aschi bein! Ad jeu luvravel in runtgeti, E che Dieus nus meini en bein.

Giu dils mes che layurau aschi bein! Jeu semnavel in garnetschi saline. E che Dieus nus meini en bein. Tgei fagievas cun quei garnetschi?

Jeu fagievel il paun de nozzas, E che Dieus nus meini en bein. Nua mavas Ti per la spusa? Giu dils mes, che lavuran aschi bein! Tgei devas tscheina alla spusa?

Jeu devel pul e pene, 20 E che Dieus nus meini en bein. Nua schavas dormir la spusa? Giu dis mes che lavuran aschi bein! Jeu metev' ella en la stalla digl äsen, E che Dieus nus meini en bein.

Jeu mettevel la blaha digl äsen, E che Dieus nus meine en bein. Gion Petschen dil tgan plat! Manava 'gl äsen or sil plaz. En quei stan eis memia giuvna.

HopsantC; sehe vus ple, viva la compagnia. Mema giuvna sundel buc, 10 Viva la compagnia! HopsantO; sehe yur ple, viva la compagnia.

Hopsante, sehe vus ple, viva la compagnia. La schuldada ei brava glient, Viva la compagnia! Schei han buc daners, sehe han antra glieut.

Seabsenteschi, sehe Vus plai. Seabsenteschi; sehe Vus plai. Ach; memia giuvna sun jeu buc, 10 Vai schon tschintschau cun mes famegl.

II nies fnmegl ei buc per Tei; Signurs e giunchers ein per tei. Signurs e giuncbers vi jeu buc, In brav scbnldan vi Jen haver. Seabsentescbi, scbe Vns plai.

La scbnldada ei brava glieut, Seh' ei ban ebe daners, scb' an antra glient. Stai si, o biala, Eid arv' il tin escb, Lai mei en vegniri E tscbnnc bnc giu quest.

Jeu bai buc la moda, Scbi tard de scbar en. O car, il min giuven, Cbeu eis mal gartiaus, 15 Fatg vessas bia meglier De Star en tiu maus.

Pertgei en ca mia Ei n' albiert ni sai dar, Jeu fetscb buc ustria; 20 Lai ir da spinn tar. Gara, cun mei drova Empau compassiun, Teidla co ei plova, Hagies comiseraziun.

Garezia de carezia, 30 Cul proxim ver amur, Pertratga bein teza, Fuss ei buc ti' honur? Sehe gie che ti fnsses n min il pli car, 35 Sehe vegness jen eunc buca Min meini midar.

Tgei nizegia qaei pia, Ella lai nus splnntar; Mo deir amur tia 40 Hai pauc d' engraziar. Vi bugien survir si. Jeu vesel avunda Tia intenziun, 55 De mei mo surprender, Sc' in pauper narnn.

Ina gada ch'ei era treis aschi cars compogns. Che mavan en 1' nstria casa-miez ; Cu i vevan ditg bubiu e ditg magliau, Sehe vevan eis endament da lur bialas.

La mia ei la biala, Lauter scheva: La mia ei aunc pli biala, Digitized by Google Volkslieder n tierz scheva: La mia ei la pli bialade tuttas, La empermess der schar star treis notgs cnn ella.

Ella era buca pli lunscb che ton 10 E veva tut adeu, Quei che seu car spns yeva detg. Mav' ella a casa schi trnlia, truliamein; L'escha serava ella si, II barcuas claudev' elV en.

Jeu stundel buca si, 20 Jeu laschel Tei buc en. La plievia la mei bogna, La neiy la mei schelenta. Sehe bogni Tei la plievia, Sehe schalenti Tei la neiv.

Mava treis pass anavos, 80 E deva cul pugn el cor; Quei asta mei nuot, Sch'jeu hai tut stueu dir o. Tgei dotta vul Ti dar, Seh' Ti vul mei maridar?

Jeu hai dus brocs de pieun, E nuot de metter en; 5 O; sehe gi junfra Susana, Sehe jeu hai buca leghermen? Mo sehe va, um vegl mitgiert 20 Cun tia barba grischa.

Mo sehe va, junfra Susana Culs plugls en la camischa. Cur ch 'el ha udiu quels plaids, Sehe sin sin cavagl eis el seglins, E scurentau sur quolms e valls, Ed jus encunter il moler, gie moler.

Cur ch' el ha giu las rosas, 20 Sehe sin siu cavagl eis el sesins; E scurentau sur quolms e valls, Ed jus encunter casa, gie casa.

Leu mav el per gassa sidengiu; Las rosas vai jeu survegniu, 25 Las rosas ein sin capiala, gie capiala! Tgi ei cheu o che splunta? Nua lein schar seser el?

Si el cantun de meisa, Ai dunna mumma, dildumde; 15 Sil el cantun de meisa, Ai dunna mumma. Tgei lein dar de magliar ad el? Ai dunna mumma, dildumde; Tgei lein dar de magliar ad el?

Lein dar utschals bersai ad el, Ai dunna mumma, dildumde; Lein dar utschals bersai ad el, Ai dunna mumma. Ai dunna mumma, dildumde; E tgei lein dar de beiber?

Digitized by Google Volkslieder Nua lein schar dormir? Ai dunna mnmma; dildnmde; 35 Nua lein schar dormir? Tgi ei cheu o che spinn ta?

Ei gliei il retg de Fronscha, Ti mia figlia. Va o e lai vegnir en el, Ti mia figlia. Nua lein schar seser ei? Si el cantum de meisa, Ti mia figlia.

Tgei lein dar de beiber ad el? Vin Valtrina sura, 20 Ti mia figlia. Nua lein schar maner el? Si en combra nova, Ti mia feglia. Cun la figlia giuvna, Ti mia figlia.

En quäl letg lein schar maner el? En il letg de pleroas, Ti mia figlia. Tgi lein prender padrin ad el? Tgi lein prender madretsch' ad el?

La signurs, Ti mia figlia. Giachen dil tgil niebel; Ti mia figlia. Bevue des Patois Gallo-Romans I. O Diu, Diu car! Digitized by Google Volkslieder b.

O Ti miu Diu car, co quei mai va 10 Ded ir' egl jester e maridar. Ti min Diu car, co quei mai va Ded ir' egl jester e maridar. Onn savev' jeu ir cur mats e matteuns, 20 Uon toi jeu star cun purs e dunnauns.

Ti miu Diu car, co quei mai va Ded ir' egl jester e maridar. Onn cb'jeu savevel ira sil plaz a saltar, Uonn aber stoi star sper la tgin' e vigliar.

Onn ch' jeu savevel star cun miu bab e mia mumma, Uonn aber stoi star cun ina sira carugna. O Ti miu Diu car, co quei mai va 30 Ded ir' egl jester e maridar.

Onn cb' jeu vevel ils begls plein graun, Uonn aber vai eis plein murglinas. Ti miu Diu car, co quei mai va Ded ir' egl jester a maridar.

Digitized by Google Volkslieder c. Onn pudev'jeu metter si miu bi tschupi, Uonn stoi jeu ir cnn piez et ani. O ti Dien car, co qnei mai va D 'ir' egl jester e marida.

Onn savev' jeu metter en mos bials coralls cotscbens, 10 Uonn stoi dar eis pil vin de nozzas. Onn pudev'jeu trer en mia bialla ginpa brina.

Et uonn stoi dar ella per pienn a frina. Onn pudev' jen metter si miu bi capetsch cun cresta, Et uonn stoi jeu pender el orda fenestra.

O ti Dieu car, co quei mai va 20 D 'ir' egl jester marida. Onn pudev' jeu ir ora sil plaz a saltar, Et uonn stoi jeu star sper la tgina a ditar.

Revue des Patois Gallo-Romans I. Letczia dina duoa per sin um rourent. II vies um ei malseuns. Sehe sa '1 esser, sehe sa '1 esser, Stoi eunc ira treis avon.

II vies um ei ussa morts. Sehe sa '1 esser, sehe sa '1 esser Stoi eunc ira treis avon. Sehe sai esser; sehe sai esser Stoi eonc ira treis avon.

Donna Mumma, mei a casa! Ei parten la rauba de vies um. Sai buc ira treis avon. Dunua, dunna, va a casa!

II tiu um ei mal malseuns; Sehe sa'l esser, sehe sa'l esser, Stoi aune ira treis avon. Ei parvergian il tiu um; Sehe sai esser, sehe sai esser, Stoi jeu aune ira treis avon, Dunna, dunna, va a casa!

Dunna, dunna, va a casa! Ei satiaran il tiu um; 15 Sehe sai esser, sehe sai esser, Stoi aune ira treis avon.

Dimna, dunna, va a casa! Ei fa messas per il tiu um; Sehe sai esser, sehe sai esser, 20 Stoi aune ira treis avon. Ei partan o il sai per tiu um; Sehe sai esser, sehe sai esser, Stoi aune ira treis avon.

Ei partan la rauba de tiu um, Dieus pertgiri, Dieus pertgiri, Buea peda de star pli. Ei pervergian il tin um; Sehe sai esser, sehe sai esser, Stoi saltar, ir treis avont.

Dnnna, dnnna, va a casa! Ei vistgeschan il tin nm; 15 Sehe sai esser, sehe sai esser, Stoi saltar, ir treis avont.

Ei satiaran il tin nm! Sehe sai esser, sehe sai esser, 20 Stoi saltar, ir treis avont. Sai bne nu' ir, sai bnc nn' star, Rnans el mun sai bnc euflar.

Co sai Jen, co pos jeu Tia mumm' esser, Jeu che bai si in schi tgietschen bi tschupiV 15 In tgietschen tschupi veis Vus bein si, Mo treis affons veis Vus mess vi.

In veis en 1' aua negentau, Ed in sut in suitg satrau. Che mia mumma ha sin quest mun menau. Che vegn a vegnir in spert stermentus, Che pren naven mia mumma dil siu spus.

Nach Ischi I, p. Cheu vegn neutier in bi ginven E di: Tgei fas cheu, biala? Ella prenda or de siu sac; II fazolet alv, schi alv sco '1 latg, E fiera vi quel sin siu scusal, 10 Che mava giu larmas sco in ual.

Ella mava ora en siu jert; E se tscbentava sut in pumer. Cbeu vegn in bi giuven neutier Ed emparava, tgei ella fagiess. Has forsa tiu bab u tia mumma malseuns?

Ne bas fors' in auter el tgau? Jeu bai ne il bab ne la mumma malseuns; Jeu bai era buc in auter el tgau. Jeu portel a Ti ina trista novetta, Che tia spusetta ei malmalsaunetta, Malsogna de morir.

Lein prender siat sunadurs e siat cantadurs E lein ira sut sias aultas faniastras E sunar e cantar aschi ditg, aschi liung, entochen ch' ella audi.

Igl ei nuot auter che mats j asters. Gara mumetta, mei giu ed envidei si, E tuchei maun e fagiei beiuvegnent! Deiiton ei la spusa spartida ea bratsch de siu spus.

Cara glieutetta, co lain pomai far, De satrar quellas duas barettas? Cara glieutetta, tgei muota quei pomai? Ei muoota, cb' ellas seiao eo parvis omisduas eosemeo.

Jeu portel a Ti zuo trestas oovettas, Che tia spusetta ei scbi malmalsauoetta; Ha malsogua de morir. DeotoQ eis ella spartida.

Digitized by Google Volkslieder Sin spus metta si bi manti blan. Dnas gielgias alvas, che creschan tochen si snm, Tochen si sum il clntgo e sisnm se stertuglian ellas enscmen.

Jen portel a Ti ina zun trista novetta, Che la tia spusa ei zun malsaunetta. Lein prender siat sunadurs o siat cantadars Ed ira snt casa a sunar Per ella consolar.

E schei ver, seh' jen enconnschel in de quels? Sehe vegn ei a vegnir de sparter partir. La spusa ei da quest mund uavent spartida; 25 II spus ha bargiu aschi ditg aschi liung, Che sin cor ei perraiez schlupaus.

Digitized by Google Volkslieder cara glientetta, nua lein satrar? In sut clutger ed in sur clntger. Jeu portel a Ti ina zun trista noveta.

Che tia spusa sei malmaseunetta, Ei seigi malsogna de murir. II tgau ed il pez e pertutanavon. Vegn ei de sparter, sparter, spartgir; II spus ha bargiu aschi ditg, aschi liun, 25 Ch' il sin cor ei fendius enpermiez.

In sur baselgia ed in sut baselgia. Ei crescha duas gielgias schi liun, aschi ault, Ch'ellas tonschan ensemen sil tetg. Ch' eis seigieu en il sogn parvis ensemen.

Igl onu della biala compagnia Ha bein cuzau bein gitg; 15 Tuttas las bialas compagnias, Han bein cuzau siat onus. En circa siat onns sun a casa arrivaus En casa della mia cara, D'in auter si pigliada.

Tuts quels dellas nozas 30 Invidavan mei a tscheina; Jeu de quei leds e contents Plann a plann bein bufatg AUa meisa sun tschentaus.

Mo cur ch' ella entelgiet qnests plaids, Sehe se fiera ella en bratsch e eloma: Ei era ina uiebla dunschala. Vns biala, sc' ina dunsehala! Ira giu eh' el mava En sae dellas eaultschas cotschnaS; Prender ora, eh' el preudeva Treis asehi mellens e bials anials.

Spluntar; ch' ei spluntavan vid la porta, 85 n habit de muniessa ha la schon daditg tratg en; Mias terschollas mellnas ei schon datig tegliadas giu.

Sehe quei ei schon tut fatg, sehe sto min cor slupar. Ina matta mava d' in plann ora, Entnpava bia cavalaria. Biala matta essas, Mo memia paupra.

Jeu astgel buca prender, Seh' ils mes vegnan sisu. Seh' ils tes vegnan sisU; sehe di, ti hagias auflau 15 Cheu ora en in bi plann De trei e quater fegl.

Neu giu ed arv' igl esch! La rassa de muniessa Hai schon daditg tratg en; Las biallas tarschoUas mellnas Rltoromanlaehe Ohreatomathle.

Tei satiaran ei eu Yalltrina, 35 Sut ina buot eun viue Clin ina spina de stupa. Che mein' 11 vin en bueca. Ina biala matta Maya d' in plann ora; Entupava bia cavalaria, Gie bia cavalaria.

Seh' jeu sundel memia paupra, Hai memia pauea rauba; 15 Sehe hai jeu tont' honur, Gie tont' honur sco vus. El tila ord la tescha Treis bials custeivels anials; Quels duudel jeu a vus, 20 Pil bein eh' jeu vi a vus.

Scbe qnei ei scbon tut fatg, Scbe sto miu cor scblnpar 35 Dair encrescbadetgna E na satreis 1u mei?

En igl jert dellas muniessas, Nna cbe mias larmas spessas Plovan giu sin tei, 40 6ie plovan giu sin tei. Revne des Patois Gallo-Romans I p.

La Ballade da jeune mönötrier. Car cb' jea vevel qaitordiscb onns, Mnssava mia bab de gigier, 15 Fidaram, pampnm, fideralala, Massava min bab de gigier.

Che la feglia dil retg udeva. La sera mav' il retg per la sala entuorn Ad enquerent la feglia, Fidurum, pumpum, fideralala, 40 Et enquerent la feglia.

Fidurum, pumpum, fideralala, Leu deis ti vegnir pendius! La vossa feglia ha sforzau 50 De far durmir cun ella; Fidurum, pumpum, fideralala, De far durmir cun ella.

Sehe mia feglia ha tei sforzau Do far durmir cun ella, 55 Fidurum, pumpum, fideralala, De far durmir cun ella; Enamiez Fronscha ei in bi casti, Leu deies ti vegnir retg!

Fidirum, pumpum, fideralala, 60 Leu deies ti vegnir retg! Digitized by Google Volkslieder GV emprim sto jeu ir a casa Et engrazia a miu bab e mia mumma; Fidurum, pumpnm, fideralala.

Et engraziar a miu bab e mia mumma. Ti ruha malsogna, Ti sfraccas e mazzas tuts petschens aflfonts, Perfin la regina de trenta-treis onus.

Ell' ei ussa morta, e tuorua buca pli. Stai si scarvoD Gion Paul marvegl! Stei si Vus umens tuts da Flem! Ils Glarunes eu neu vegni E cun vies mnvel naven i.

Ils umens en tuts se fatgs si, En Glarun' en ei i vi ; 15 II muvel vevan leu serrau, En in curtgin han ei anflau.

Quou eis el tumans giu ftiva. Muma, mama da la mia schi chara! La mia fpnsa la ven a marir. Filg, Filg dilg mieu schi car! Ghei has ti faig cun tia spnsa?

Ner chei eis, ner chei manne' ei? Mnma, mama da la mia schi charra, Meit Tufs si a dumandeit ella, Scheit po ver, scha ella vnfs gi.

Spufsa, spufsa, la mia fchi charra, [f. Vol ti pir bucca gir ora? Digitized by Google Volkalioder Con eis ella turua ginn stiva. Can eis el ien par scala si a bargind schi patremeng, Ca las larmas gion cnrdavan afchi grofsas sco gro Ta arveglias.

Qnon eis el jous en combra. Spuf, fpns sin la fpnnda dilg mien lig, Con er er in per fazaletz, 45 Prend ti in, ad in dai a mi!

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Just the place to be in touch with nature and bond with family. Questions we had were answered quickly. And as it was a private place we had the pool all to ourselves and swam thru the evening. Allied Market Research Chen antwortet sehr schnell auf alle möglichen Fragen und ist sehr hilfsbereit! In general like the place and how it looks like. Digitalpakt Schule ist ein Trojanisches Pferd. Wish you all the best, and it is noted that your apartment will be considered for booking when I visit KL next time. Geant casino st yrieix la perche was made easy as the staff helped us to start the fire charcoal is also provided. Celine was a responsible and caring person, she gave her 5 star service to her customer, it was all good will everything! They even made us a map and telling us that what do we rich reels casino no deposit bonus nearby which is very very useful pc spiele lego we online casino echtgeld ovo really need some shopping for lotto ergebnisse deutschland in the night. It looks exactly the same as the photos show.

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Good location, very convenient when you have a Tesco downstairs, very clean house exactly the same in the pictures and we have a very friendly host as stated by others. Man ist nicht mitten im Geschehen, aber dafür entschädigt der super Blick!! The published rate is for 10 persons on sharing basis. Es war sehr schön bei Kenneth. Collectively we loved the stream at our doorstep, the fresh spring pool, the open fire place, the spacious kitchen and the cosy deck. Made our stay even more interesting. I am sooooo thankful for all you guys bring to me. Rumah Kebun is a really relaxing and beautiful place to stay in, we had a nice barbeque and firepit session, had a lot of fun in the pool and the equipment and facilities is top notch. To the English borders burst his way. A venfs filg fuuDament Vangir splanaus navent; 5 Jou gig a chi. Qnel de Tschina ei pli contents, Drova hnrtiamein ils dents; Sch'ei vegn dan si zitgiei, 6i el: Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. But if King James would. Jeu devel pul e pene, 20 E che Dieus nus meini en bein. The lusty Lord of Douglas' blood, " My liege," quoth he, " have you no doubt, " But Beste Spielothek in Hachelbich finden my words, with mirdiful mood. Lord, ye lack a guide. He after, his instmctions wetter mü Some made a mell of massy m.sport1. Meruiglvusa causa Clara, p. He haled up sail, and towards France, He did his way with speed direct. The king gave credit to his words.


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